Successful Big5 exhibition 2017 in Dubai

The continued expansion of construction activities in the GCC region is attracting an increased number of international exhibitors at The Big 5 this year. According to the latest statistics by BNC Network, there’s been a 17.4% growth in the number of active construction projects in the UAE in 2017 compared to the previous year. It was the 8th time Gratch International was one of the exhibitors.

Big 5 exhibition 2017 Big5 UAE 2017

Live demonstration how to apply LiquiFoil, peelable coating for temporary surface protection. Simply roll or spray LiquiFoil on to windows or other smooth finished surfaces, like powder-coated aluminium, stainless steel,cladding, etc. LiquiFoil protects these surfaces from scratches, dirt, paint, weldingflecks, cement and other damage. When you’re done, just peel or jet spray it off. It leaves a clean and shining surface that makes a good impression on your customers and saves you a lot in repair costs.

Demo LiquiFoil     Demo GlassRenu

There was the live demonstration of scratch removal on glass with the GlassRenu system. GlassRenu is a patented dry grinding process that “renews” the original clarity and luster of glass by removing even the most severe damage without distortion.

Scratches on the glass Live demo Revo Glas

Big5 exhibition Dubai 2017 Team Gratch Internation - Condor Nexus at the Big5

About Big5

“Over 2,500 companies from 60 countries have chosen to come and exhibit their construction products and solutions at The Big 5 in Dubai this year. Some of these are participating to the event for the first time proving that the UAE are now more than ever ‘the place to be’ for international construction players,” says Josine Heijmans, Portfolio Event Director of The Big 5. “More than that, we expect 79,000 visitors from over 140 countries to attend the 38th edition of the show; that’s a clear proof of Dubai’s recognized role as a leading business hub, which extends well beyond the Middle East region.”