The Big 5 in Dubai, 21-24 november 2016

New floorplan layout and dedicated product sectors. The Big 5 this year has made it even easier for visitors attending the show, with a brand new floorplan and dedicated product sectors. This means it will be even easier to plan your journey and find the key construction suppliers and products you are looking for.

Connect with construction professionals: from exhibitors, distributors, suppliers and industry leading figures. Get a dedicated copy of the Show Guide, a directory of the exhibitors and speakers who will are showcasing new and innovative products. Access thousands of construction products that have been certified. Sustainable and green products demonstrated live during the show. Source new materials, solutions and construction technologies.

Meet the industry experts with the know-how and experience their products and features first. Be the first to access and source new products and materials. First hand access to key suppliers with the products you are looking for.
Get industry knowledge by attending one of the FREE to attend CPD workshops.

About the Big 5
For more than three decades The Big 5 has gone from strength to strength, to evolve into the largest, most influential and renowned portfolio of construction industry events spanning the Middle East, India and South East Asia. The Big 5 network now includes more than 300,000 suppliers and buyers of construction products from 120 countries worldwide.

Continuing to evolve and expand into new territories from its UAE origins to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, India, Indonesia and East Africa, the portfolio has also hosted specialised events for the concrete, PMV, stone, HVAC, solar, glass and facilities management sectors.

In 2015 The Big 5 welcomed 73.584 participants over four days, making this the biggest and best attended Big 5 show ever, and further underpinning the show as the main event of the year within the construction industry event portfolio.

Demonstration video LiquiFoil

Demonstration video GlassRenu