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Gratch International is the professional partner for anti-graffiti products, glass renovationsystems
(scratch removal), surface renovation and protection products and projection screen paint.

Our product range with unique systems and latest technologies makes it possible to provide
outstanding and cost-saving solutions in the construction, cleaning and glass market. Through
our sales-organisation and trade-partners we are represented in various countries. Particularly
in East Europe, Russia and the Middle East our market share grows strongly. The several product groups of Gratch International are also available in many other countries in the world. We will expand our markets on an on-going base.

In the next years we will enter some new markets in Europe and the Middle East. Gratch International will become the leading producer of GRATCH graffiti removers, RevoGlas, Renovio and Mighty Brighty.

Gratch Anti-Graffiti   GlassRenu  




Mighty Brighty

Graffiti remover

Since the end of the 80's graffiti is a well-known notion. Only in some rare cases, graffiti can be descriped as 'Art'. More often it are slogans, signs or ‘tags’. In most cases not ordered and illegal, whereby historic buildings or monuments are not spared. Gratch International is able to solve this 'Art'-problem on a professional base. It is proud to be the producer of Gratch Graffiti Remover. A unique graffiti remover with unsurpassed properties. Also supplier of preventive graffiti protection systems and anti- graffiti coatings.


Scratch removal system

RevoGlas is the improved version of the GlassRenu system. After continious development all of the seperate parts are improved and come together in the RevoGlas glass renovation systems.
The system is designed to handle nearly all types of glass damage and provides an effective way to restore glass. RevoGlas is worlds best solution for rapid acid graffiti or scratch removal from glass without leaving trace marks or distortion.

You can use the RevoGlas glass-renovationsystems for all kinds of glass, like safetyglass, fire-resistant glass, windows, cars, trains, yachts, doors,

Renovation products

Renovio developed a revolutionary facade renovation and cleaning concept. The concept consists of innovative professional facade cleaning and surface renovation products to tackle even the most difficult job.
Facade materials such as glass, anodised and powder coated aluminium, stainless steel and polyplast cladding materials require a higher degree of maintenance. The surface renovation products of Renovio enable you to restore and protect the good looks of a surface in an unparalleled way.


Projection Screen Paint

Many people still project straight on to an untreated white wall. This produces a poor quality image. Until now, the only other option was buying an expensive projection screen.
Mighty Brighty Projection Screen Paint is a new and unique concept for creating the perfect projection screen right on your wall. Just paint it on, sit back and enjoy. Always exactly the right size and format (4:3, 16:9, etc.), flat and straight and the right screen surface for your type of projector, projector position and the amount of light in your room.

 LiquiFoil+ more information  


 LiquiFoil+ is the super easy way to prevent damage during construction. Simply roll or
 spray LiquiFoil+ on to windows or other smooth finished surfaces, like powder-coated
 aluminium, stainless steel,cladding, etc.
 LiquiFoil+ protects these surfaces from dirt, paint, scratches, weldingflecks, cement and
 other damage. When you’re done, just peel or jet spray it off. It leaves a clean and shining
 surface that makes a good impression on your customers and saves you a lot in repair costs.