RevoGlas Glass Renovation Systems

RevoGlas by Gratch International offers a full line of systems and products for the removal of scratches and acid etch graffiti from all types of glass.
RevoGlas is the industry’s best solution for rapid scratch removal from glass without leaving trace marks or distortion. The system is designed to handle nearly all types of glass damage and provides operator an effective way to quickly restore glass.
RevoGlas System 

The system features the highest quality and most reliable components available. Combined with our uniquely designed and coded Revodisks and the new developped formula Polishing Compound, the RevoGlas process offers speed and succes in repairing damaged glass.

 Acid graffiti on glass Acid graffiti and scratches removal with RevoGlas  Acid graffiti gone with RevoGlas glass renewal system 

Example 1:
Acid graffiti on a car glass.

Acid and scratch removal
with RevoGlas


 Acid graffiti on glass  Acid graffiti and scratches removal with RevoGlas glass renewal system  Acid graffiti gone with RevoGlas
Example 2:
Acid graffiti on shoppingwindow.
Acid an scratch removal
with RevoGlas