For any screen size

  • 4:3 – 16:9 widescreen
  • 21:9 cinema

Full projection walls

  • No color difference
  • Projectable anywhere

Contrast and brightness adjustable

  • Ambient light
  • Power of the beamer

Suitable for all beamers

  • Active 3D
  • 4K
  • UHD

Always a flat and straight screen

  • The smoother the wall, the more beautiful the screen
mighty brighty projectiemuurverf

Applications of Mighty Brighty

Mighty Brighty is a unique concept for creating the perfect projection screen on your wall. Roll the paint on the wall, sit back and enjoy! Always exactly the right size and format (4:3, 16:9, etc.) exactly flat and straight and exactly the right screen for your type of projector or beamer. Reflection and contract adjustable to the amount of light in your room and the position of the beamer or projector. Invisible when projector or beamer is not in use (only if the entire wall has been treated with Mighty Brighty). Mighty Brighty's projection screen paint can be used in various locations such as; museums, universities with lecture halls, in a cafe for example to watch a football match, theatres, meeting rooms in offices - hotels - hospitals, large projections on exhibitions, trade fairs, shopping centers, reception halls of airports, bowling centers, town halls, or cultural centers. Mighty Brighty is suitable for active 3D projection only (3D glasses with batteries) on completely smooth surfaces without texture or unevenness. Mighty Brighty is not suitable for passive 3D projection.

Turn your wall into a projection screen in 3 steps


Define size and location of the screen


Apply the BaseCoat in 2 layers


Apply the TopCoat in 2 layers

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MPW 105

MPW 20

MPW 225

MPW 350

Maximum m²   maximum surface to be treated 5 6 25 50
Standard Screen   Contrast and brightness is already based on most common values.
Tailor Made Screen   Contrast and brightness are determined based on ambient space and beamer brightness.
Magneborder   Black magnetic tape to create a frame around the screen
Accessories   Materials such as rollers, holders, paint tray, sandpaper, tape.
User manual  Detailed instruction, step by step with clear images.
Spray painting with instruction   Instruction for mixing ratios for airless/spray application.
€ 90,87
€ 190,04
€ 313,25
€ 569,42





Examples of Mighty Brighty

Below are some examples of applications

Mighty Brighty tailor made screen with beamerlift

European parliament Brussels / Bruns BV

Home theater with ambient light

mighty brighty projectiemuurverf

Homecinema without ambient light

Bowling Center Almere

Bowling Center Almere

mighty brighty projectiemuurverf

Mighty Brighty Projection in livingroom

Light projection on cube shapes/ video artist Roger Vermolen



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