Liquifoil+, the peelable coating for surface protection

Safe, easy and durable peel-off coating

Safe peel-off coating
Renovio’s Liquifoil+ peel-off coating is a water-based product which is non-toxic and non-flammable.

LiquiFoil +is easy
Liquifoil+ can be easily applied with a roller or airless.

Durable peel-off coating
Once Liquifoil is applied, it stays firmly in place for the length of the project. Since you “paint” it on, there is no cutting waste compared to conventional plastic sheets. It peels off cleanly, leaving no remnants that have to be removed. Note: When applying to new surfaces, it is helpful to apply a small test area first. This will help you decide how much coating needs to be applied and how long it takes to dry.

HTP 3000 Airless     Wagner SF23