LiquiFoil+, the peelable coating for surface protection

Peel-off coating as easy as 1, 2, 3…

1. Roll/spray on
LiquiFoil+ is a peel-off coating that can be used on glass and other surfaces to provide temporary protection during construction or remodeling.

Apply LiquiFoil+ using a paint roller, brush or spray gun. Make sure the roller or brush is completely covered with the LiquiFoil+. Apply a thick coat of the product. Allow 4 to 6 hours for the product to dry. The drying time may be accelerated by applying heat lampsor blowers to the surface. The coating is semitransparent so that daylight can come in, but people can not see through it.
 Apply Liquifoil+

2. Protect
Once applied, LiquiFoil+ protects glass and other smooth surfaces against the normal wear and tear incurred during construction or remodeling projects. It protects against dirt, paint, scratches, welding flecks, cement, silicon paste and other damage. LiquiFoil+ can also be applied to floor sand other high use areas to protect them against scuffs and spatters.

3. Peel off

After the project has been completed, simply peel off LiquiFoil+ and reveal the clean and shining surface. No further cleaning is required.

 Peel off