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Frequently Asked Questions about products

Gratch Graffiti Remover can be used on almost all surfaces, except for very vulnerable surfaces such as painted or coated surfaces, plastic (plastic) etc. Gratch Soft Remover will not or minimally affect the surface. It is important to rinse with both products to neutralize the effect. Both products are approximately pH neutral, non-toxic and biodegradable (environmentally responsible).
Gratch Graffiti Remover can be used on almost any surface, and is therefore universally applicable. We recommend Gratch Ultra Gel when there are several layers on top of each other or layers of paint between the graffiti. When there are shadows on the surface or the surface is in bad condition, Gratch SRA Shadow Remover is the solution, an alkaline shadow remover with a very effective effect. We recommend the Gratch Soft Remover for very sensitive surfaces such as traffic signs and Plexiglas.
Gratch SRA Shadow Remover only removes the last residue and has little effect on a closed paint layer. A lot of graffiti can already be 100% removed with Gratch Graffiti Remover.
Yes, all products are biodegradable.
The reaction time varies from 1 to several minutes, this is highly dependent on the product, surface and the graffiti paint used.
Gratch Hydro SP is guaranteed to work for 5 years. In reality, an operation of 6 to 8 years is often achievable. The effect can be measured with Dr. Karsten's tube. Of course we can also perform this measurement for you.
The Gratch SRA Shadow Remover has a pH value of 14, which is harmful to the skin because products with a high pH value are corrosive. They neutralize with your skin, which is at the expense of your skin. Always use good protective equipment.
No, there are no toxic gases in the graffiti removers, however, in rooms with insufficient ventilation it is recommended to wear respiratory protection.
The graffiti removers are biodegradable. Whether it needs to be collected depends on the applicable general local ordinance.
Well closed, in a dark environment with a temperature between 10 and 25 degrees is most optimal.
No, the effect will decrease in frost. So store frost-free!

Frequently Asked Questions about applications

In most cases yes, depending on the cause. If the surface is damaged by, for example, too high pressure, this cannot be repaired. If there are still paint residues (pigment), also called shadows, these can be removed from most mineral (stony) surfaces with Gratch SRA Shadow Remover.
Depending on local regulations, the water that comes from the facade must be collected. The actual problem lies in the composition of the graffiti paint that is removed, it contains heavy metals and these particles must therefore be collected and disposed of. The application of the Gratch Blanket is sufficient in many places, because the paint is collected and the water remains without harmful substances and is pH neutral.
When working with cleaning agents in general, it is recommended to wear suitable clothing, gloves and safety glasses. Even though the substances are not harmful, they remain 'foreign' substances of which not every reaction or effect is already known.
If they are thick layers of paint, it is best to treat them with Gratch Ultra Gel, then treat with Gratch SRA Shadow Remover if necessary.
Yes, sometimes hot water is necessary to activate the removal product. With hot water, removal is always faster and easier.
Yes, we have over 20 years of graffiti removal experience and a number of specialists who can do it for you.
In many cases the answer is yes. Often it is covered by the home insurance of your property.


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