Innovation in Facade Restoration

Renovio developed a revolutionary facade restoration and cleaning concept. The concept consists of a broad range of innovative professional facade cleaning and restoration products to tackle even the most difficult job. In addition, Renovio offers training programmes and clear instructions that will help you to get the most out of your efforts.

For the modern Facade Materials

The Renovio products are ideal for high-rise office, apartment and industrial buildings. Whereas many cleaning companies have the expertise for sandblasting and cleaning masonry, there is an obvious lack of expertise when it comes to modern facade materials such as glass, anodised and powder coated aluminium, stainless steel and polyplast cladding materials that require a higher degree of maintenance.

Outstanding Performance

Renovio products enable you to restore and protect the good looks of a building in an unparalleled way. Not only will they help you to clean better and faster, but the facades will keep their good looks longer than ever before. You will get value for your money and stand out amongst competitors for the superb job you offer. The products have already been successfully used for many years on many prestigious buildings in the Netherlands.