How does Mighty Brighty Projection Screen Paint work?

The Mighty Brighty beamer screen paint concept always consists of 2 parts. These are first of all the BaseCoat, this is a latex-like paint which always has a grey tint to obtain an optimal contrast. Secondly, it consists of the Topcoat (a transparent layer) with ‘reflectors’ to make the image as clear as possible. The MPW 105 package (5m2) consists of 2 parts and is ready for use. The MPW 225 (25 m2) and the MPW 350 (50 m2) packages consists of 2 parts. They are supplied as a standard screen, but can also be customised.

The MPW 20 (6 m2) has a 3rd part in the package and that is a black magnetic frame. This frame is made with a magnetic paint that is applied under the BaseCoat. When the screen is ready, the black frame can be placed on the wall with the attached black magnetic border.

Additional, the projection screens of packages MPW 20, MPW 225 and MPW 350 tailor-made for the room in which the screen is used. Based on 5 questions, it is determined how grey the screen becomes and how many ‘reflectors’ should be mixed in the TopCoat. View the color chart to get an indication of how grey the projection screen becomes.

Step 1

BaseCoat + ContrastBooster
The base of the screen is the BaseCoat, which also determines the contrast level. Based on an easy-to-use checklist you determine the right amount of ContrastBooster, which sets the grey level of the BaseCoat for the screen area. Mighty Brighty offers a range from light grey to ultra grey (high contrast), all in the same package

Step 2

TopCoat + BrightnessBooster
After applying the BaseCoat, a TopCoat is required. Using the same checklist, you determine the amount of BrightnessBooster, which sets the gain value of the TopCoat. Mighty Brighty offers a gain range from 0,9 up to 1,4 depending on the amount of light the projector emits and some other criteria.

Step 3 (optional)

The unique MagneBorder is optionally available. This border greatly heightens the contrast perception of images on the screen. A magnetic paint must be applied prior to the BaseCoat. The magnetic borders can be easily placed and removed from the projection area. When the MagneBorder is removed, all you see is a clear wall!