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Frequently asked questions about projection screen paint

The MPW 105 package is immediately ready for use. You don't have to add anything to the base paint and top coat yourself. The MPW 20 is a customised screen where contrast and brightness are tailored to the room in which it is projected. In addition, with the MPW 20 package, a black frame can be made around the image.
Yes, it is also possible to buy a package with which you can make the frame. This MPA 410 package contains the magnetic paint and the magnetic tape needed to make a frame.
No, the projection screen is always a 'grey scale'. You cannot get any contrast on a white screen with a beamer. The MPW 105 is very light grey, slightly lighter than RAL 7047. The MPW 20, MPW 225 and MPW 350 get the grey tone (contrast) that is necessary for the room in which the screen is used. By adding the contrast agent to the base paint yourself, you determine how gray the screen becomes. The MPW 225 and MPW 350 are basically the same as the standard screen MPW 105, but can also be customised.
The MPW 225 is enough to make 25 m2 of standard or customised screen, without frame. This can be purchased separately (MPA410 Frame Kit).
No, but we do have contact with many painting companies in the Netherlands. It is always possible to ask which painting company has experience with painting Mighty Brighty Projection screens.
Only 4 simple questions. You find these in the instructions.
The Mighty Brighty paint and coating can be kept for about 2 years after opening (if properly closed, dark room, 15-20 degrees Celsius).
We recommend a wide, 2K roller for the BaseCoat and the Topcoat.
The MPW 105 package has a contrast value of 2.5 and a gain value of 1.1 and the color is approximately the same as RAL 7047 (mixing ratio 2.5 ContrastBooster and 2.5 BrightnessBooster). Basically, the MPW 225 and MPW 350 have the same values.
Or, how much gain do I need to project? For home use, a gain value of 1.1 or lower is sufficient. A higher gain ensures that dark colors become grey sooner, which is often at the expense of image quality. For business or educational use, you can opt for a higher gain for a very clear image. The measure by which the gain value is calculated is the extent to which a standard white board reflects light. Normally this is equal to gain 1.0. A screen with gain 1.5 therefore reflects 1.5 times more light than the standard white board. However, the Mighty Brighty Projection screen is never white, but always has a shade of grey. The special 'reflectors' have been incorporated in the topcoat to ensure the gain value of the beamer screen increases.

Frequently asked questions applications

The Mighty Brighty Projection Screen Paint System can be applied to stone, concrete, wood, plastic and plaster and to all materials that have already been treated with a regular wall paint.
If your wall or other surface consists of a very smooth plastic layer, you must first apply an adhesive layer so that the Mighty Brighty Projection Screen paint system can adhere sufficiently during application.
MDF walls must be thoroughly degreased beforehand with, for example, benzene or thinner. You should also first treat it with a primer.
The wall should be smooth or almost smooth (if you are 2 to 3 meters from the wall, it should look smooth and even). The smoother the surface, the better the quality of the projection will be.
Make sure the room and the surface to be treated is free of dust and no air circulation (eg air conditioning, fan). Make sure no dust can get on the wet wall during the application of the product.
The Mighty Brighty Projection Screen paint system is best applied at an ambient temperature between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius and a humidity between 40 and 70%. If the ambient temperature and/or air humidity differs, the specified drying and waiting times will be longer. Important: The layers of paint cannot be applied if the ambient temperature is below 5 degrees Celsius.
If the wall is very absorbent, you should first treat it with a primer. The consumption per square meter is partly determined by the type of surface.
If the wall or surface is very dirty (including nicotine, leakage spots) you should first treat it with a good insulating paint.
If the surface has a very dark color, you should first treat it with an ordinary white wall paint.
It is important to follow the instruction step by step and to have patience. Due to the drying times of the various layers of paint, you will be applying the product for about 8 hours. We recommend spreading the application over two days and using the night as "drying time" for the two layers of BaseCoat.
Do not clean the screen for the first 8 weeks. After 8 weeks you can clean the screen with a soft, lint-free cloth and lukewarm water. Optionally, you can add some mild, liquid soap to this lukewarm water or use Mighty Brighty Clean! Projection Screen.
The Mighty Brighty Projection Screen can be used with any beamer or projector, also 4K or 3D (only active 3D with the glasses on batteries).
The user manual of the MPW 20, MPW 225 and the MPW 350 contains a questionnaire. One of the questions is: How much ambient light is there in the projection room? You can choose the answers from: none, a little bit, quite a bit, quite a lot, very much. The resulting values ​​indicate how much ContrastBooster you should add to the paint.
The Mighty Brighty MPW 20 package is provided with a black frame which can be placed around the image to be projected, based on magnetic paint. This magnetic paint is applied under the Mighty Brighty Projection screen paint and is therefore invisible. The black magnetic tape can be attached to the wall and easily removed after use. Note: the black Magneborder band can only be applied to the wall 1 week after application of the paint. If you don't wait a week, the force of the magnetic paint and the Magneborder will destroy the paint layer if you want to remove the Magneborder. It is also possible to order the MPA 410 Frame Kit separately with the MPW 105 package, the MPW 225 or the MPW 350 package.
The Mighty Brighty Projection Screen Paint System can be applied by anyone. A test on 4 different panels showed that a painter, the producer, a housewife and a student (after the projection screen paint had been applied by all 4 people according to the instruction booklet) it was not possible to see afterwards who painted the 4 panels.
Mighty Brighty is suitable for active 3D projection (with 3D glasses with batteries).
The projection screen is always a 'grey scale'. The MPW 10 it is very light gray, even lighter than RAL 7047. The MPW 20, MPW 225 and MPW 350 are custom made and have a shade of grey determined by the questionnaire. Basically, the MPW 225 and the MPW 350 have the same light shade of grey just like the MPW 105.
We recommend a 2K roller for the BaseCoat and the Topcoat.
It is important that when you apply the TopCoat you always apply it in the same direction (from top to bottom) so the reflectors are all facing the same direction. It is possible there are still "streaks" visible after the application. The total curing time of the TopCoat is about 6 weeks. Depending on the ventilation in the room and possible moisture in the subsoil, the total hardening takes some time. After application the projection screen can be used immediately, but the reflection of the TopCoat will improve in the six weeks after application.


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Helpful Tips for applying Mighty Brighty Projection Screen Paint

1. Inspect the wall carefully and repair any minor damage, scratches or holes beforehand. Then level the wall by lightly sanding it.

2. Shake all products well for 15 seconds before using.

3. A plastic surface cannot absorb any moisture at all. This can temporarily cause small air bubbles to form in the applied paint layer during drying. Do not touch! They disappear automatically when the paint layer dries.

4. If you have the Mighty Brighty MPW 225 package and you choose not to paint the entire wall but a screen on your wall, then you have enough paint left to paint a second projection screen in another room, for example.

5. Check between the layers of paint for any imperfections and, if necessary, sand the wall very lightly and very, very carefully so the last imperfections disappear. When you turn on the projector, you can clearly see where any imperfections and damage are.

6. Always apply the Mighty Brighty Projection Screen paint wet-on-wet. By this we mean the following: Once you have started to apply paint (base or topcoat) it is very important you continue until the paint is fully applied. So don’t stop in the meantime!

7. Make sure that the surface is always properly pre-treated with a primer or primer.

8. Observe at least the recommended intermediate drying times! If the next layer is applied too quickly and the substrate is not completely dry, this layer may be pulled loose during the application of the 2nd layer.