Why projectionscreen paint

Why choose Mighty Brighty Projection Screen Paint?

Many people still project onto an untreated white wall, but this produces a poor quality image. There is not enough contrast or the image is not sharp enough. Until now, the only other option was to buy a projection screen. In addition, a separate screen must be set up again and again and a place to store it after use. Or worse, installing a permanent bulky system in your ceiling. Plus, there’s a good chance that over time the screen can become out of shape and curl on the sides.

Mighty Brighty Projection Screen Paint is a much easier way to make a projection screen or beamer screen. You just have to paint it on the wall and you will always get a perfect picture.

The choice to use projection screen paint compared to a regular beamer screen offers many (interior) architects the freedom to furnish various spaces attractively or tightly. Take a look at the various benefits of Mighty Brighty Projection Screen Paint and the many projection options for various applications it offers.